5 use cases of GPU power in 3d production

Leveraging powerful GPUs is never a bad way to go when working in 3d. Here are 5 situations where having a good GPU really pays, plus a little bit of good news at the end!
05/18/2020/by Michal
GPU rendering, Rendering solutions

GarageFarm.NET adds GPU rendering solutions to one of their new services

Here's a bit of good news for 3d artists in need of some serious GPU rendering power - We finally support GPU rendering over at GarageFarm.NET! Read on to learn more!
04/29/2020/by Michal
3d modeling styles, archviz style

How to find your style for archviz and have it shine through

Marco, DJ, Tomas, and Andrew are back to pin down the ever-elusive idea style in the third episode of CG talks. Elo returns to criticize.
03/23/2020/by Herald Sandoy
Render Farm Software updates

Software updates Jan-Feb ’20

Here's a rundown of the latest updates we've made to kick off 2020 at GarageFarm.NET.
03/19/2020/by Herald Sandoy

How to market yourself for freelancing in ArchViz – insights from Fabio Palvelli

Having trouble landing decent jobs? Yeah. We sat down with Fabio Palvelli for strategies, answers, and some hard truths.
03/02/2020/by Herald Sandoy
displacement maps, Vray displacement

How displacement maps work and how to optimize them in V-Ray – part 2

Learn about the different types of displacement mapping and how to use displacement effectively in 3ds Max and V-Ray care of Michal Mos!
02/21/2020/by Herald Sandoy

Product update Rendering high-resolution stills in Blender

Our distributed rendering solution for high-resolution stills is now available for Blender! learn more in this article.
02/19/2020/by Herald Sandoy

Highlights in 2019

Last year has been busy for us, and we're happy to share some key updates from 2019. We're looking forward to serving you better this 2020!
02/15/2020/by Herald Sandoy

AI, Archviz and You: How tech can help you and not actually take over your job

The world of Archviz is on the brink of some serious change. Elo disseminates some thoughts expressed in our first podcast and adds his own insight into today's rapidly changing industry.
02/03/2020/by Herald Sandoy

renderBeamer much needed UI revamp and new cool features

We've been busy with improving our renderBeamer plugin and are proud to announce its latest incarnation, replete with cool new features and a sleeker UI!
01/30/2020/by Herald Sandoy

Design principles for building your ArchViz portfolio

Your portfolio is your golden ticket to the career you've been working for. Learn how you can showcase your work to communicate what work you enjoy and can excel in with this article!
01/20/2020/by Herald Sandoy

How displacement maps work and how to optimize them in V-Ray Part 1

Displacement techniques are used in CG both aesthetically, and to drive realism in renders. This article covers the different forms of displacement, and how they can be configured for optimal rendering.
01/09/2020/by Herald Sandoy

How to Choose the Best Hardware for a 3D Artist

Hardware is a key consideration for 3d artists, but buying the best of every component of your future workstation is rarely feasible. This article describes the role hardware plays in your 3d needs.
12/06/2019/by Herald Sandoy

Render farms — Third-Party or Homegrown?

Building your own render farm and outsourcing to third-party services both have their pros and cons. This article sheds some light on the two and which may be the best choice for you.
11/15/2019/by Herald Sandoy

Render in the cloud at a whopping 50% discounts

Rendering is easily one of the most expensive stages of the 3d production pipeline. Luckily, we at GarageFarm.NET keep users from all budget ranges in mind! Read on to learn more!
11/03/2019/by Herald Sandoy

Making-of Forest Creature by Arnaud Imobersteg
using Blender, and Graswald

A throwback to our good friend Arnaud's insightful breakdown of his amazing "Forest Creature" scene.
10/28/2019/by Herald Sandoy

Planning for Success: How to estimate and manage time when working on your archviz project?

Starting off a big archviz project is a messy and tricky thing to handle especially as a Freelance 3d Artist. Everything is at your pace and ways on how you can deliver on time.
09/23/2019/by Herald Sandoy

Introducing Xesktop – our solution for GPU server rental!

We're proud to have recently launched Xesktop, our solution for those in occasional need of a high powered GPU workstation. Turn your machine into a GPU computing juggernaut, wherever you are!
07/30/2019/by GarageFarm.NET

Right BEE-hind you: 3DBee.IT launches asset solutions to help 3ds Max users speed up their archviz workflow

Our friends at 3dbee.it have just announced the arrival of the bees-knees in 3d assets and asset management.
07/25/2019/by GarageFarm.NET

How to Maximize the Summer holidays as 3d Artist?

The dog days are here, and that can mean some lean months for freelancers. Here are a few scenarios you might relate with, and what you can do about them!
07/19/2019/by Herald Sandoy

3d applications and production trends of 2019

Various applications of 3d have nested themselves in the consciousness of the majority of the modern world and are on its way to becoming the core of our visual communication in the near future.
07/11/2019/by GarageFarm.NET

Should you learn Blender for Archviz?

Learn about what Blender and its community have in store for Architectural Visualizers today, and how it might just be the best way for newcomers to transition into the 3d design business.
06/12/2019/by Herald Sandoy

Guide to rendering: Optimizing scenes in 3ds Max through geometry

Our 3ds Max Optimization guide shows some geometry management tips to achieve faster and more stable rendering. For beginner and intermediate users.
04/25/2019/by GarageFarm.NET

Here’s why you’re not making it as a 3D freelancer

Freelancing is a trade that will not hesitate to eat you alive if you’re not careful. So, we’re here to help you overcome the obstacles of it.
04/06/2019/by Herald Sandoy

How to use online render farms

An online render farm is an ideal solution for freelancers and studios who need access to more rendering power on demand.
02/26/2019/by Herald Sandoy

How to use online render farms part 2

We will go deeper into testing techniques which are a very important step of an online farm’s workflow.
02/25/2019/by Herald Sandoy

End of the year summary 2018

Last year saw many highlights, from some upgrades to our infrastructure to a long overdue get together for a big part of our team.
02/13/2019/by Herald Sandoy

10 tips for a faster Archviz Workflow, and better renders

This is the uncomfortable truth of the seemingly evergreen Archviz business, but it doesn’t mean you need to be a relentless CG mutant to thrive.
02/02/2019/by Herald Sandoy

Render Farm Software updates roundup August – October ‘18

Winter is coming, and we’re prepared! Here’s a list of new features we added to our plugins for the months of August to October 2018.
10/31/2018/by Herald Sandoy

Render Farm Software updates roundup Jun-Jul ‘18

Here's the list of the new features we added to our plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, Modo, After Effects and many more for the months of June and July 2018.
08/30/2018/by Herald Sandoy
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