Dejan Kober, DD3D Studio

Interview with Dejan Kober from DD3D Studio: Maritime Visualization

Dejan Kober and his team share their insights on creating photorealistic 3d visualizations for the Maritime Industry, the opportunities and challenges they face on a regular basis, and how rendering on the cloud helps them meet their deadlines.
02/26/2020/by Herald Sandoy

Interview with Blender Contest winner, Robert Paprotny

Robert Paprotny is the winning contestant on our recently concluded Blender Contest competition. He shared his inspiration for creating his winning art piece, and his rendering experience with GarageFarm.NET's blender render farm.
09/25/2019/by Herald Sandoy

A natural Interest in 3D rendering: Interview with Hyeji Jeon

In this interview, we learn about Hyeji Jeon and her adventures in 3d. Hyeji is a talented 3d artist with keen attention to detail and a love of the natural.
07/13/2019/by GarageFarm.NET

Aparato – Major Animation and VFX House in Uruguay

Uruguay powerhouse Aparato Post is behind some of the most compelling productions for Coca Cola, Ford, Bayer and many other household brands.
06/12/2019/by Herald Sandoy

‘Troll Bridge’ & Remote Collaboration: Here’s How They Did It

The amazing team behind the adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Troll Bridge is a testament to remote collaboration and its feasibility as the modern day work model
05/12/2019/by Herald Sandoy

FULL 3D Graduation Project – Interview with Kang Jin-Gyu

Kang Jin-Gyu has always dreamed of becoming a professional 3D artist which propelled him to make a full 3D animation short as his final graduation project.
11/06/2018/by Herald Sandoy

Classic Color: How Blender and Cloud Rendering allowed
them to be in the pink of condition

Rogelio Guzman, who is a big part of the illustrious Classic Color's CGI team shares his experiences in the Graphics business and working with our Blender render farm.
09/20/2018/by Herald Sandoy

Erwin Zwart and The Ocean Cleanup

Meet the man behind the Ocean Clean up visualizations-Erwin Zwart. Read about Erwin and his experience rendering with GarageFarm.NET.
09/05/2018/by Herald Sandoy
Atkins Global, 3ds max render farm, v-ray render farm

Atkins Global turns to cloud for large projects with fast turn around

We had a chance to talk with Atkins Global's 3D visualizer, Aaron Wright who shared his excellent experience with Garagefarm.NET's cloud rendering services.
07/24/2018/by Herald Sandoy
Zika Virus by part to whole

Part to Whole – elevating scientific research through 3D visualization

Brad Baxley runs a CG studio called Part to Whole which focuses on research science. Learn about Part to Whole's origins, and how Brad got involved in CGI.
03/02/2018/by GarageFarm.NET
Dan Masterton,Ewebibtikus Klaw’s Adventures Galore

The Mighty Pie in the Sky: From Comics to Cloud Rendering (and beyond!)

Dan Masterton, creator of award-winning Ewebibtikus Klaw’s Adventures Galore shares his thoughts on the project and his rendering experience with GarageFarm.NET.
02/28/2018/by GarageFarm.NET

Interview with the Blender Beast winner, Jesse Gayanilo

Jesse Gayanilo winner of our Blender Beasts 2017 Challenge shares his inspiration for creating his winning tribute to League of Legends.
01/31/2018/by GarageFarm.NET

Charles Lang Follain’s debut animated film The Gardener

Charles Lang Follain shares his thoughts on his first short animated film the Gardener, and his experience with GarageFarm's Blender render farm.
12/27/2017/by GarageFarm.NET

Canadian award winning directors, Iamstatic choose cloud rendering

Iamstatic co-founder Dave Greene talks about the voyage of digital discovery and the relatable beginnings of the Award Winning Canadian CG Studio.
08/29/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
Paperbone, CG Palaces

Paperbone creates CG palaces and VFX for TV series

Paperbone on creating CG palaces & VFX for aTV series, and rendering complex shaders & geometry on GarageFarm's 3DS Max, Maya and V-Ray render farm.
06/23/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
City by Phil Shearer

Film and TV Production Designer – Phil Shearer

World-renowned Film and TV production designer Phil Shearer shares his experience rendering on GarageFarm.NET's Lightwave render farm.
05/12/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
David Aguero Realistic Frog Wire

Artist Spotlight: 3D Generalist and Concept Artist David Aguero

Concept Artist David Aguero talks about his experience using GarageFarm.NET render farm for his photoreal frog for a futuristic pet habitat LightWave project.
04/24/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
Z0A3D - SCHELDE 21 by Vincent Van Duysen Architects

Architectural Animation and Visualization

ZOA rendered a visualization of a luxurious apartment building that utilized a lot of vegetation and presented detailed interiors rendered in 3ds Max and Corona.
03/29/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
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